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Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50
Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50

Golf Stories

Golf Definitions:
Accurate and Frugal

I hope that my daughter can share the same memories with her children with her dad and me and some other relatives.

I have fond memories of the silly things that happen to my mom and I when we used to play golf. When you get older you begin to refine words and take on new meanings.

One that comes to mind for me is accuracy…

One that defines my husband is frugal…

I have always defined my game as being straight and accurate, most of the time I hit straight but maybe not very far. But as I have entered my 60's and as my bones are weakening moving the body into the correct position. I can still hit straight, maybe not down the middle of the fairway.

My daughter has experienced that with me. For instance the one time her and her boyfriend pulled ahead of me, but off to the left. Unfortunately they made an excellent target and I hit the ball right at them. Boy, was it an accurate shot. As that ball bounced up and between their golf bags, bounced off the windshield, it finally came to rest in the ruff just of the fairway on the dogleg left.

I yelled "FORE", but they didn't realize that the ball was headed straight for them. My next shot was a simple pitch to the green, and I scored my best on that particular hole.

My husband prides himself on being frugal in all aspects of his life…In fact, that is how he defines himself. He purchased a used set of golf clubs, from garage sales and neighbors. The only criteria were that they had to be his height. Some of the clubs lasted a while.

Expect for this one set he purchased that began to fall apart while he was playing in his golf league. The club heads were loose, but that didn't bother him, because he liked them. But that one day as he teed off the driver head flew off up in the air and almost came back down on his head. A few holes later with his five-wood, the head came off landing in the pond in front of him. By this time his group was scrambling for cover every time he hit. A few more iron heads came off and he may have had five clubs to finish the round that day.

Well, needless to say he finally listened to his daughter and went to the store and bought some brand new clubs using her advice. Sadly, they look nice but they haven't done much for his bad habits with the game.

... Sharon Koppe

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