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Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50
Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50

Over-Fifty Active Lifestyle Advice, Stories And Tips

Fiftysense.com is a website dedicated to assisting us Baby Boomers and beyond in finding the latest information on getting the most out of life for active seniors at any age. Our focus is in the fields of human powered Outdoor Activities and Adventure Travel, including Geo-caching, but we encourage people with experience in areas such as health, aging, humor, to share their advice and stories on any topic.

This is a site of Boomers, by Boomers, and for Boomers. We want everyone to understand that it's never too late to try something new. We know you are not just senior citizens sitting on the front porch swing, but active seniors. Wait, are there even front porches anymore?

We welcome you to join our community on Facebook, fiftysense.com, and share your ideas and feelings about what you read here and your own experiences. We strongly encourage you to submit your stories, so "Email Us your fifty sense!".

Sue's Column Sense

There have been many changes in our lives since Covid began. One thing has remained for us, the need to get out in nature. We feel the only way to continue to be happy is the ability to change and have a sense of humor. We have camped almost every year in the Smokies for 50 years. We first did this because this is all we could afford with our family of five for Spring Break, and evolved into our favorite place to be...

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Ginny Adams and the Lazy Fox Inn

Ginny Adams and the Lazy Fox Inn B&B

Now, you have to understand, this in not just an ordinary B&B. She rents out four bedrooms, all done up from a fantasy world of what we imagine a perfect Victorian room to be...

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Verna Soule Backpacking: Verna "Grandma Soule"
My friend, my mentor, my hero. I had the pleasure of meeting Verna when I started backpacking...  

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